Monday, January 19, 2004

Chapter 1 Quality, Quantity and the Knowledge Interests: Avoiding Confusions

This chapter is a nice introduction to qualitative research. It begins by overviewing what research is and research design (design principles, data elicitation, data analysis, and knowledge interests). I really thought it was interesting the way it discussed the differences between informal and formal communication. I guess perhaps that I am a social researcher because the informal ways we communicate are very interesting to me. I also really liked the way this chapter established the importance of qualitative research when compared to quantitative. The fact that there can't be quantitative without qualitative is something that is often overlooked or downplayed. This chapter offers a nice a base to begin exploring qualitative research.

Article: Codes of Online Sexuality: Celebrity, Gender and Marketing on the Web
I thought the study was very well done. There might be some problems with the picking of subjects and with the categories (demure, partially clad, decorative, etc.), but Dr. Lambiase does a nice job of telling why she made the choices she made. I feel that the article does fully study what it started out to examine. More research should be done, but this is a nice starting point.

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